‘Top Gun’ mod turns Rocket League into a flight combat sim

"Talk to me, Goose!"

Rocket League

A modder has created an incredible mod that turns Rocket League into an adrenaline-pumping flight combat simulator.

The mod, called ‘Top Gun’ after the famous film, was conceived by modder ‘Cinderblock’ and was featured in a video by popular Rocket League YouTuber Jared ‘SunlessKhan’ Zook. The mod drops players into a massive canyon and sees their cars turn into fighter jets, fit for a fearsome dogfight. While cars in regular Rocket League can get some air time, the mod allows unlimited aerial flight as if you were in a plane and doesn’t require boosts to keep you airborne.

Speaking of boosts, they do still have a use in this mod and are useful for executing quick, sharp turns to escape the lock of another player. All cars are equipped with front facing weapons which fire to wherever the cross hairs in the centre of the screen are aiming and the enemy that is closest to the middle of your screen becomes locked on to draw your camera towards them, in the same way that Ball Cam locks on to the ball in regular play.

The scoreboard uses the ‘goals’ stat to show your eliminations, the ‘shots’ stat to show how many times you fired your weapon during the round, and ‘points’ to show your total score in the round, with five points being given for a hit and 50 for an elimination.

The amazing mod took Cinderblock six months to create and required a “a lot of linear algebra.” He tells SunlessKhan that he has played flight combat sims like War Thunder and Ace Combat for a long time] and was “excited to see what it looks like in Rocket League.”

To go full Maverick and Iceman in Rocket League, all you’ve got to do is follow Cinderblock’s handy installation tutorial and you can get the Top Gun mod right away. Aviator sunglasses not included.