Rocket League Season 14 extended as Psyonix prepares game-changing update

The season rewards have been revealed too

If you’re struggling to hit your dream rank in Rocket League, then we’ve got good news for you: Competitive season 14 is being extended by another few weeks.

Psyonix has delayed the end of Season 14 and Rocket Pass 6 so that the company can tie everything in with the next big update. While the developer hasn’t given us a firm date just yet, we know it’ll coincide with some pretty big changes to the way Rocket League ranked works, including new ranks for Grand Champion players.

However, to keep the excitement flowing for the current competitive season, rewards have finally been revealed as player banners and avatar borders and they look gorgeous. Grand Champion titles will also be handed out in both standard and extra mode placements, like previous seasons, so if you’re not far off from hitting the top rank, you’ll want to get grinding while you can.

And if you’re curious about the update, well you don’t have long to wait. Psyonix says more information will be revealed in the next few weeks, so stay tuned.