ScrubKilla leaves Mousesports over “unreasonable” Rocket League contract

He only joined them last month...


Rocket League pro Kyle ‘ScrubKilla’ Robertson has left Mousesports less than two months after joining the organisation.

The 16-year-old, who won the RLCS World Championship in Season 7 with Team Vitality, joined the Mousesports roster in February prior to the start of RLCS 9. However, he has now parted ways with the team and revealed why he left so soon after joining during his March 18 Twitch stream. ScrubKilla tells his viewers that he wasn’t happy with some of the “unreasonable” conditions in his contract and claims he was given no option but to sign it or face not competing in the RLCS.

“The contract is not good at all,” he says. “I found that the fines in the contract were very very unreasonable. There’s many many many fines. Because I’m a contractor, I don’t have much freedom at all. I don’t wanna be a slave to something, I wanna have that freedom.”

Later, ScrubKilla says that because RLCS 9 was so close, he believes he had no choice but to sign the contract even though he was unhappy with it.

“We had RLCS that weekend, the first week, and I’ve just been told ‘if you don’t sign this contract you’re not gonna be playing in RLCS,’” he says. “So of course I have to sign it, if I don’t sign it I don’t play in RLCS. Put yourself in my shoes, I have to sign it.”

Despite two RLCS seasons of success with Team Vitality, he made a shock exit from the French team over the New Year.

ScrubKilla, despite being one of the brightest young talents in Rocket League esports, now finds himself teamless again. It is unlikely he will find himself a new team while the regional events are still being played and will probably focus on streaming in the time being.