Scrub Killa warned by Psyonix after breaking Rocket League voice chat rules

Guild's Scrub Killa entered an unofficial voice chat channel during an RLCS X match


Rocket League pro Kyle ‘Scrub Killa’ Robertson and his team Guild Esports have received competitive warnings from Rocket League developers Psyonix for breaking rules around team communication.

As reported by Dot Esports, during yesterday’s RLCS X Fall victory against Team Liquid Scrub Killa randomly joined the voice chat of caster Adam ‘Lawler’ Thornton while the game was still going. While Lawler was not casting the Guild vs Liquid match, he was part of a watch party on Twitch, and seemed shocked to hear Scrub Killa appear in his voice chat.

RLCS X rules state that “teams will communicate with their opponents and Tournament Administrators in a designated chatroom during all online stages of the Tournament.” The rules also make clear that “once a Match has officially begun, communication with anyone not designated as playing within the current Match is strictly prohibited and may result in immediate disqualification.” Despite the potential ramifications, Scrub Killa decided to leave his team’s official communication channel to talk with Lawler instead.

While disqualification could have been issued, Scrub Killa and Guild have managed to get away with just a warning on this occasion.

The reason for the young Scot ditching his team’s voice chat soon became apparent from messages sent by Guild’s coach Mike ‘Gregan’ Ellis, who reunited with Scrub Killa at Guild after coaching him at Team Vitality.

After asking Lawler via Steam to either mute or kick Scrub Killa from his voice chat (which the caster eventually did) he then reveals in a Twitch chat comment that Guild were playing the match without any verbal communication as the players were “getting frustrated with our comms.”

This suggests that Scrub Killa entered Lawler’s voice chat because he was either bored or unhappy with the decision to mute all communications for the game. “I could sit in silence or I could sit with you, it’s better to have some company,” Scrub Killa tells Lawler after joining.

Guild has also released a statement regarding the incident, saying it “takes the RLCS X player code of conduct seriously” and is “evaluating appropriate actions.”

Scrub Killa has also apologised to Psyonix and his team for his actions. While he agrees the warning was “fair” he says that the Rocket League community’s reaction to the incident has been “blown out of proportion.”