Guild Esports signs its first team, opts for Rocket League

The young team sees Scrub Killa, noly, and ThO join Guild, with Gregan as coach

Guild Esports, the new esports organisation backed by legendary footballer David Beckham, has revealed its first roster.

The organisation will be making the leap into Rocket League and has secured the signing of one of the scene’s most talented yet controversial players, Kyle ‘Scrub Killa’ Robertson. The young Scot, who is a former RLCS World Champion with Team Vitality, joins Guild after being without a permanent team for around four months after he left Mousesports just a few weeks into his “unreasonable” contract with them.

Scrub Killa will be joined by former Team Singularity duo Joseph ‘noly’ Kidd and Thomas ‘ThO’ Binkhorst, who recently played with Scrub Killa in a couple of events when he joined as a temporary stand-in. This makes Guilds’ roster an incredibly young one, with noly and ThO both 18 and Scrub Killa, despite his experience, only being 17. The team will be overseen by ex-Team Vitality coach Mike ‘Gregan’ Ellis, who will reunite with Scrub Killa after helping the Scot and Vitality win its first World Championship last year.

Despite it being the new organisation’s first foray into Rocket League, or any esport for that matter, expectations for the young roster are high, with Scrub Killa tweeting that the goal is to “win RLCS X and everything that comes with it.”

RLCS X will introduce a new format to Rocket League esports, that sees bi-annual championships replaced with a year-long circuit split into three splits with a finals at the end.

Guild was launched last month with the premise that it would champion the growth of young esports players and field teams in FIFA and Fortnite, as well as in Rocket League.