Psyonix reduces Rocket League item prices following complaints

The prices are still massively inflated though.

Rocket League

When Psyonix changed lootboxes into blueprints and keys into credits, it thought it was doing the Rocket League community a favour. But, one week on from making the change, Psyonix has already had to drop the prices of items on its store, admitting the hike did not meet community expectations.

The changes were made to Rocket League for the start of Season 13, in a bid to be more transparent with players. Crates were changed into Blueprints, which show players what item they can unlock if they wish to spend credits on it, and keys have been changed into credits. But, if you were anywhere near a Rocket League forum last week, you’ll have noticed the trading community wasn’t happy with the change, after prices of items went through the roof.

“Since the Blueprint Update release last week, we have pored over all of your comments on Discord, Reddit, Twitter, and beyond,” the blog says, highlighting the changes which are already live. “We have heard your feedback that Item Shop and Blueprint pricing did not meet community expectations.”

The base price of items have been decreased by rarity and are as follows:

  • Rare: 50-100 credits
  • Very Rare: 100-200 credits
  • Import: 300-500 credits
  • Exotic: 700-800 credits

Painted items and special editions also cost less across the board, and their price is based on rarity:

  • Most paint colours: 50-200 additional credits
  • Burnt Sienna: 0 additional credits
  • Titanium White: 100-500 additional credits
  • Special Editions: 200-400 additional credits

Players who purchased an item from the store in the last week will receive credits equal to any difference in price.

Regardless of the drop in prices, the trading economy is still suffering with inflation. According to one Reddit user, who has put together a spreadsheet of prices, Rare items are approximately 361% more than they were previously, Very Rare items are approximately 294.4% more, Import items are 502% more, and Exotic items are 1,080% more expensive.

Even though Psyonix has tried to address the issues in the latest patch, the Blueprint and Credit system might have to be looked at again before proper trading will resume.