Rocket League fans are unhappy with the prices of items after Blueprint update

Blueprints and Credits replace Crates and Keys in Rocket League

Rocket League

Rocket League fans are not happy with the latest Rocket League update that sees Credits and Blueprints replace Crates and Keys in the all new Item Shop. While the move was made to make buying cosmetics more transparent and move away from a lootbox-style model, fans are outraged at the prices of the items in the store.

In the new update, Keys are replaced with Credits, which are obtained by spending real money or via the Rocket Pass. 100 Credits is roughly the equivalent of $1. These credits can then be used in the Item Shop to buy featured items (which cycle either every 24 or 48 hours), or can be spent on Blueprints for random items. However, fans of the game are complaining that items are now way too overpriced and claim that some items that would have cost the equivalent of just a few dollars to unlock prior to the update could now cost up to ten times as much. One Reddit user described the game as turning from “an overpriced casino to an overpriced store.”

Pro players too have raised concerns about the pricing of items and the new Credits system as a whole. G2’s Dillon ‘Rizzo’ Rizzo says that the update “fucking blows” and doesn’t agree with the cost of some of the items.

He also points out that the Rocket Pass offers a total of 1,000 Credits for players to earn as they move up the tiers, the same amount it costs to buy the Pass initially. This means that to “break even” you would have to fully complete the Pass.

The developer behind Rocket League, Psyonix, is yet to comment on the reaction to the changes.

Earlier this year, Psyonix was bought by Epic Games, who had immense success and profit with their item store in Fortnite. However, the attempt to shift Rocket League towards a similar model has gone down badly with the community.