All confirmed Redfall weapons – everything in the game’s arsenal

When you're taking on hordes of vampires, you're going to want to know what Redfall weapons are available to you and your friends, so here's what we know

Redfall Weapons: A character can be seen holding a gun

What are the Redfall weapons? When Redfall debuted at the 2021 Xbox Games Showcase, it looked like an instant classic. Battles between the game’s unique vampiric horde and the quartet of playable characters had us on the edge of our seats, but eventually, we had to ask: what sort of weapons will we be working with here? While we’re still yet to see the game’s full arsenal, the trailers have given us some clues to the Redfall weapons we’ll be able to get our hands on.

While some of them look fairly standard, there are some creative takes on long-standing weapons that have certainly piqued our interest. So to save you the time pouring over the countless trailers we’ve seen so far, we’ve gone through them all and pointed out every single gun, melee attack, and more in this handy Redfall weapons guide. Armed with this information, you’ll be able to take down the Redfall vampires in no time.

Redfall guns

This is a first-person shooter, so of course, there are plenty of guns to go around. From the trailers we’ve seen Redfall has plenty of pistols, long-range rifles, machine guns, a really cool-looking sawed-off shotgun, and more. One unique weapon highlighted in the most recent trailer is a “stake launcher,” which takes the old stake through the heart strategy for defeating vampires and turns it into a gun.

The most recent trailer also mentions that guns can be customized, adding a whole new layer of choice. Not much was shown other than a few different one-handed weapons, but it does make us wonder what sort of customizations we’re talking about. Are there attachments for better range or higher damage? Will there be specialized ammo that affects certain enemies more? The possibilities are endless until we learn more, but so far we like what we see.

Redfall Weapons: Jacob can be seen sneaking up on an enemy with his cloak enabled

Redfall equipment

While guns look like they can be used by all characters interchangeably, each of our four heroes also wield unique abilities and equipment that will aid them in battle. These seem to serve as “ultimate” attacks or things that can only be used sparingly and have a cooldown afterwards, but that has yet to be confirmed.

One of the Redfall characters, Jacob, sports a cloaking device that will make him invisible to enemies, allowing him to get into position and take aim like the sharpshooter he is. Layla’s psychic umbrella can double as a shield against attacks or an energy launcher, shooting a powerful blast of her trademark purple kinetic energy at foes. Devinder’s staff may be the most flashy of the unique attacks (pun absolutely intended) as it emits a sudden burst of intense light that turns nearby vampires into ash statues. Finally, we have Remi and her robot companion Bribón, who acts as the fifth member of the group by distracting enemies and even taking a few shots for itself.

These are the special attacks we’ve seen so far, but there’s no telling how many unique abilities each of these characters will have once the Redfall release date rolls around.

Redfall Weapons: Multiple players can be seen looking up at the sun as it is blocked out

Redfall melee

Redfall Melee attacks look to have some unique properties, but we’re not entirely sure how this mechanic works yet. Each of the trailers have shown close-quarters combat, but the weapons used have some sort of extra power that can eliminate a vampire in one hit. In fact, it seems to burn the enemy to ask from the inside out…and that’s cool.

The obvious answer would be a stake or something blessed with holy water – these are vampires, after all – but we don’t know exactly what we’ll be using. We do see a bayonet-like attachment on a rifle being used in one trailer though, so perhaps we’ll be customizing our guns with instruments of melee mayhem.

This is everything we know about the Redfall weapons we’ll be using to defend the world when the game launches for Xbox and PC in 2023. To see which of the characters will be your choice to wield this equipment and guns, our Redfall characters guide is the place to be.