Redfall characters – all four of the game’s heroes

If you're after more information about the Redfall characters, you're in luck - here are the four vampire slayers you'll be playing as .

Redfall Characters: Layla, Remi, Devinder, and Jacob can all be seen in a street aiming their weapons

Who are the Redfall characters? With the introduction of Redfall – its new co-op first-person shooter – Arkane Studios has introduced us to four new heroes, a band of mates trying to save Redfall from its supernatural situation. Who are these vampire hunters, what are they doing in Redfall, and what kind of arsenal does each one work with? Well, we’re about to bring you in on a little secret. While each of the Redfall characters fits a certain archetype, this fearsome foursome is much more than your typical shooter characters.

Each one has a unique personality, with particular backstories that shape their attitudes and a suite of special abilities that make them every vampire’s worst nightmare. Learning each of the Redfall heroes’ strengths will let you and your group shape your party as you see fit, even if it means multiple instances of the same characters. And the Redfall voice actors and cast behind these characters are just as exciting. In that spirit, here’s a brief introduction to each one of Redfall characters so you can choose which one you’ll be taking into battle by the time the Redfall release date rolls around.

Redfall Characters: Jacob can be seen in art

Jacob Boyer

Jacob is the long-range specialist of the group, using a high-powered rifle to take down vampires and cultists from afar. He developed his sniper abilities in Special Forces and as a private military mercenary, with his official bio saying it was a job with “one such corporation that brought his unit to Redfall under mysterious orders known only to his superiors.” We’re willing to guess those “mysterious orders” will surface at some point in the game and the reveal will not end well for our hero.

Jacob’s abilities as a sharpshooter are further enhanced by his “Undead Eye,” giving him more precise targeting abilities, as well as a cloaking device that allows him to get into position for some supernatural sniping. If enemies get too close for a sniper rifle to be effective, Jacob can also conjure up an ethereal raven to distract foes and allow his teammates to close in while he finds a new position.

If you’re the sniper type, Jacob is the character for you.

Redfall Characters: Devinder can be seen in art

Devinder ‘Dev’ Crousley

Devinder is a popular influencer in Redfall’s universe, specializing in the field of “cryptozoology,” which sounds like the study of Bitcoin becoming a living animal, but is actually centered around the pursuit of cryptids like Sasquatch or the Loch Ness Monster. While this initially sounds like he may be ill-equipped for battle against actual monsters, Dev has a few tricks up his sleeve thanks to his loadout of self-made weapons.

Dev is a skilled inventor as “his studies have granted him the knowledge he needs to craft his own anti-vampire weaponry” according to his official bio. Among the most impressive weapons in Dev’s arsenal is a staff that emits bursts of ultraviolet light, immediately turning all basic vampires in its vicinity into ash. Using this to clear out a big group of vampires whenever they get too close will likely prove invaluable throughout the game, so learning his staff will be very important very quickly.

If you’re the type who likes unconventional weapons and the potential ability to mod or craft upgrades, Devinder should be your choice.

Redfall Characters: Remi can be seen in art, alongside her Robot

Remi De La Rosa

Remi is an engineer specializing in robotics, having brought that expertise to the Coast Guard in order to help develop new search-and-rescue technology. A fateful mission to Redfall just before the vampire invasion sealed her fate, and now she must put that robotics knowledge to good use in order to take out the hordes. Luckily for us, she’s already done that.

Remi is joined by a small robot companion named Bribón, which means “rascal” in Spanish, and it is a highly advanced robot designed to be a decoy, cover and attack drone all in one. She can send the robot into battle in front of her, serving as a distraction so she can take out enemies from the side or behind.

The careful strategists out there, along with fans of cool robots that can kick butt, should consider Remi when choosing a hero.

Redfall Characters: Layla can be seen in art

Layla Ellison

Finally we have Layla, perhaps the most relatable of the four heroes. Layla came to Redfall to study biomedical engineering, and while she ended up with a degree, she also accrued a lot of student debt. She volunteered for a clinical trial to earn some extra money, reporting for a treatment just as the vampire legion attacked. She was knocked out, and when she finally came to, she found herself in a new world with a brand-new set of superpowers.

Layla’s trademark purple telekinetics allow her to manipulate the environment around her, pushing and pulling objects with her powers, generating shields, and more. She also wields a massive umbrella charged with kinetic energy, which can fire blasts at enemies as seen in the 2021 reveal trailer. Also from that trailer, Layla is shown to use her telekinetic powers to reload her guns, and it looks super cool every time we see it.

That’s everything we know so far about the four vampire hunters trying to save the world of Redfall: Redfall’s characters. For more on the game, check out our overview of the deadly Redfall weapons and what you can expect from the Redfall map.