Rainbow Six Siege Y6S1 streamer charms revealed

Four new streamers will have weapon charms in game

In every new Rainbow Six Siege season, Ubisoft introduces a load of new weapon charms to celebrate streamers all over the world. In the past, some of the biggest streamers like Michael ‘shroud‘ Grzesiek, Amber Jay ‘PaladinAmber’ Wadham, and ‘AnneMunition’ have all had charms, but now four new streamers are set to join the program.

This time around professional player turned streamer ‘Braction6’, creators ‘MrBboy45’ and ‘Lt Custard’, and caster and streamer extraordinaire Jess ‘JessGOAT’ Bolden have all been selected to receive Y6S1 streamer charms. Braction’s features his Yin and Yang inspired logo, MrBboy45’s features his flag-bearing anime logo, Lt Custard’s is a helmet filled with custard, and JessGOAT’s is a geometric design of her as a Siege operator.

These charms (and all of the old ones) are available to Twitch subscribers who have their accounts linked with Uplay. Those of you who have been hunting Twitch Drops in the past will already have this set up, but you can check the process right here.

This is an exciting moment for these creators – especially JessGOAT, who’s feeling energised after taking time away from the game due to toxicity and harassment. The caster is set to stream Siege once again to celebrate the news.

While this is the only update we’ll have about the streamer program this season, Ubisoft says a decision has already been made about the streamers who’ll receive charms in next three seasons – so expect to see more big names join the roster soon.