Rainbow Six Siege streamer tops Kai Cenat and xQc on Twitch sub charts

Rainbow Six Siege streamer Jynxzi is sweeping his way up the Twitch subscriber charts, in a shock move as they overthrow the likes of xQc and Kai Cenat.

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Climbing through the Twitch subscriber charts can take months, often years for entertainers looking to forge a name in the streaming community. In the case of Rainbow Six Siege streamer ‘Jynxzi’, their consistent grinding within the competitive Ubisoft shooter appears to have paid off immensely, as the streamer’s Twitch efforts overthrow the likes of huge names that dominate the platform.

According to the Twitch subscriber counter tool, Twitch Tracker, Rainbow Six Siege content creator Jynxzi has become the most subscribed channel across the platform. That means Jynxzi has successfully overtaken streaming alums such as Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, Kai Cenat, Hasan ‘Hasanabi’ Piker, and Alexandre ‘Gaules’ Chiqueta. Presently, Jynxzi has 78,053 subscribers and counting.

The streamer’s rise to the top comes after Kai Cenat’s ban from the platform, opening up the opportunity for Jynxzi to claim the Twitch throne. Jynxzi hasn’t hesitated to show his appreciation and love for new and returning viewers, taking to social media to display their excitement in a comedic reaction. Aside from Jynxzi’s impressive subscriber count, his Twitch channel also reached one million followers.

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Jynxzi’s primary focus is on the Ubisoft multiplayer shooter Rainbow Six Siege, in which the streamer has nearly 7,000 total hours of streaming time. However, they have been known to dabble with Fortnite and NBA 2K22 in the past. This passion for Siege is backed up by Jynxzi’s recent signing with esports organisation SpaceStation Gaming. In 2020, SpaceStation Gaming won the Rainbow Six Siege World Championship.

Beginning their streaming career in 2019, the R6 Siege community has taken a shine to Jynxzi quickly, enabling his channel to steadily gain traction with like-minded viewers. How long Jynxzi’s reign at the top will last is another question, as Kai Cenat’s ban could be lifted imminently.

If Jynxzi’s efforts have got you interested in dipping back into Rainbow Six Siege, then we can lend a helping hand. Get acquainted with the Rainbow Six Siege ranks and the best Rainbow Six Siege operators before you head into battle.