Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shadow Legacy nerfs Thatcher’s EMP grenade

As part of Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Shadow Legacy upgrade, Thatcher’s EMP grenades are getting nerfed, with their capabilities being slimmed down to limit how effective they can be on the battlefield. He’s the only operator to have had his significant gadget rework highlighted in the official Operation Shadow Legacy trailer.

Previously, the EMP grenades had been able to destroy some gadgets on the battlefield and disable others, with the destruction capabilities completely taking some other operators’ unique approaches out of play. Now, only disabling is available, meaning any damage Thatcher’s EMPs cause from now on is only temporary.

In some ways, this makes using the EMP much simpler, as the unified approach means you no longer need to be aware of which tech is going to be destroyed and which will be disabled. You’re probably only going to view it that way if you’re desperate to find the positives though. A nerf by any other name would smell as sweet.

Below is a list of all the devices Thatcher’s EMP grenade used to destroy, but will now only be able to disable:

  • Nitro Cells
  • Proximity Alarms
  • Smoke’s Remote Gas Grenades
  • Mute’s Signal Disruptors
  • Kapkan’s Entry Denial Devices
  • Jäger’s Active Defense Systems
  • Bandit’s Shock Wire
  • Valkyrie’s Black Eyes
  • Lesion’s Gu mines
  • Ela’s Grzmot mines
  • Kaid’s Electroclaws
  • Mozzie’s Pests
  • A White Mask Bomber’s Bomb Suit in Terrorist Hunt

Thatcher is a medium speed, medium armour operator, and is named after Margaret Thatcher, the Prime Minister during the three conflicts he fought in; the Falklands War, the Iranian Embassy siege, and the first Gulf War. It is unknown whether Margaret Thatcher ever used EMP grenades to cut short cabinet meetings, but we wouldn’t but it past her.

Though the EMPs will remain a useful tool in disrupting enemy tactics and approaches, their effectiveness has been pared down considerably with this tweak. This also means those planning to bandit trick sites will have to be a lot sneakier in Operation Shadow Legacy.