Tachanka’s Rainbow Six Siege rework to be revealed tomorrow

Tachanka Rainbow Six Siege

One of Rainbow Six Siege’s most iconic (and memed) operators, Tachanka, will see his rework officially revealed on Wednesday, October 7. The LMG-wielding, armour-clad operator has had a rework in the pipeline for some time, and now it looks as if expectant fans can finally get a look at the changes Ubisoft has made.

Tachanka’s rework reveal is scheduled for 10:00 PDT (13:00 EDT / 18:00 BST), but there was no mention as to where the reveal will take place. Whatever happens during the reveal, players will hope that Ubisoft has done enough to turn the pretty useless Tachanka into a viable pick.

While this will technically be the first look at Tachanka’s rework, hackers have already managed to gain access to the Spetsnaz operator’s new kit. We’ll spare any massive spoilers in case you’ve been patiently awaiting Tachanka news, but it looks like he will be a much more fiery pick for Siege players in the future…

While the reveal is in the diary, the date for when we’ll actually be able to play the new Tachanka isn’t currently known. Hopefully that will also be confirmed by Ubisoft during tomorrow’s reveal.

While Tachanka’s strength and ability in the game has been widely mocked for years, this rework will likely make the defensive operator a far more popular pick in Rainbow Six Siege ranked for competitive-minded players.

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