Tachanka rework hits Rainbow Six Siege live servers today

Oh lawd, he coming

Fear not, Rainbow Six Siege fans, for the lord is coming. That’s right, the new and improved Tachanka is hitting live servers today (November 17) on all platforms.

The rework, which has been the subject of a lot of discussion online, has been on the test server for just over a month now, so Ubisoft has decided to finally release the low-speed, high-armour operator into the wild.

Not a great deal from his test server state has been changed really, but in case you missed it, his DP27 LMG can now be used as a primary weapon and his gadget is a grenade launcher which fires up to ten incendiary grenades with a small area of effect. In the initial rework, Tachanka also had Zofia’s Withstand passive, which allowed him to revive himself from a downed state, but since so many people complained, it has since been removed.

Very little else has been tweaked from his test server status, but you can view the full patch notes here.

Tachanka will be making an appearance on Xbox first, with PC and PlayStation to follow, although Ubisoft hasn’t confirmed what times fans can expect to get their hands on him for Rainbow Six Siege ranked.