Rainbow Six Siege’s Streamer Mode will launch without stream sniping protection

As the competitive shooter heads into Year Six, streamers are still being targeted in-game

A woman aims a sniper rifle on the crook of her elbow and her knee, kneeling in a dirty battlefield

Rainbow Six Siege is still working to perfect its streamer mode, according to a tweet made by the game’s official page. The popular first-person shooter will introduce “Queue Sniping protection” in the Y6S1.1 update as a part of the game’s Streamer Mode.

Queue Sniping involves players watching the streams of popular Siege content creators in order to attempt to get into the same lobby as them and intentionally upset their games. However, the new protections will “allow you to hide your region and latency, and set a random matchmaking delay,” according to the Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account. “With this, it reduces the ability of players watching a stream to purposely queue into that same streamer’s lobby.”

However, the same cannot be said for stream sniping protections, which have been delayed indefinitely, “until it meets the expectations of our players and streamers.” In postponing this aspect of Streamer Mode, developer Ubisoft hopes to “offer better protection” when the system is eventually launched. There is currently no timeline for the launch, however.

Streamer Mode is a long way from being the finished product in Rainbow Six Siege, although Ubisoft shared a dev blog last month which detailed comprehensive plans to prevent stream sniping, which include hiding player usernames or online IDs.

As the tactical FPS game enters Year Six, it seems that Streamer Mode has been a long time coming. However, the mode must have come under heavy criticism while it was active on the Y6S1 Test Server if Ubisoft has made the decision to delay stream sniping protections for an unspecified length of time.

As one of the biggest esports games, and a highly competitive game played by some of the biggest streamers, Ubisoft will want a robust and effective anti-stream sniping system in place to maintain the game’s health and popularity on streaming platforms.