Wildcard Gaming won’t be at the Six Invitational next month

Three Rainbow Six Siege characters hide behind their riot shields

Wildcard Gaming has announced that it will not be attending the Six Invitational this year, due to coronavirus restrictions in Australia. The team requested that the government allow them to leave the country to participate in the tournament, which this year takes place in Paris, but its request was denied due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Six Invitational is one of the biggest esports tournaments – and undoubtedly one of the biggest in the Rainbow Six Siege calendar – but this year will be quite different. As well as taking place in Paris rather than Montreal, there will be no crowd at 2021’s competition, despite it still being a LAN event.

Wildcard Gaming placed 13th – 16th in last year’s tournament, finishing the group stages with a 0-2 record. However, its performance drastically improved over the course of 2020, winning two Oceania Majors and other tournaments. The team apologises for not being able to attend the tournament, but the Australian government clearly does not want to risk anyone traveling during the pandemic.

Wildcard Gaming put out a statement on Twitter today, explaining the situation to its fans. You can read the statement in full here:

The statement focused on thanking both Ubisoft and Live Nation for their help, but also thanked the Wildcard fans for sticking by them in a difficult time. “To the fans, we apologize that we will not be there and able to represent Australia,” the statement reads. “We will be back in action at the start of next season and push for our third Six Invitational qualification in a row.”

Ubisoft has announced that the Six Invitational will go ahead with 19 teams instead of 20, because “the event is now too close for us to organize the arrival of a new team.” It also confirms that Wildcard Gaming will receive one percent of the total prize pool – as much as it would have received for placing between 17th and 20th in the tournament.

Whether you’re planning to tune into the competition next month or busy climbing the Rainbow Six Siege ranks, it’s a shame that Wildcard Gaming is missing out on the Six Invitational.

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