Rainbow Six Siege’s match replay will be tested in Operation Shadow Legacy

A Rainbow Six Siege operator, holding a riot shield and wearing grey armour, shouts in triumph

Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Shadow Legacy is getting a host of new features, including a much anticipated much replay feature to help you work on your game. It arrives alongside a personal stats page to allow you to analyse your performance from every angle possible.

And every angle means every angle. While the stats page is comprehensive enough on its own, the replay feature allows you to watch any of your last ten games from the angle of any of the players, or from the spectator camera. No stone need be left unturned in your quest for greatness as you scour through every moment again and again.

The replay editor, alongside the stats page, had previously been delayed as the pandemic impacted their development and release. A sizeable revamp to the game’s pinging system was also delayed around the same time, and this too is now ready to be rolled out with the replay editor, although the replay system will be in alpha and only available on the test server alongside the new operation.

Though its primary purpose is analytical in nature, there are actually a few different uses for the replay editor. As well as trawling through every decisive moment to fine tune you and your squad’s performance, it can act as a highlight reel for your best kills.

It’ll also solve the mystery of how those lingering ‘how the hell did that kill me? It’s such bullshit’ style questions.


As far as the stats page goes, it details your top operators and guns, as well as offering a breakdown of your performance across Ranked, Unranked, and Casual games. The breakdown includes things like K/D ratio, overall wins and losses, and a detailed rundown of your key stats, giving you further areas to explore as you look to improve your game.

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