Rainbow Six Siege pro players think Kali is too overpowered

One of the new operators in the Shifting Tides update has been dubbed overpowered by many in competitive Siege

Rainbow Six Siege: Kali

Operation Shifting Tides has introduced some radical new concepts into Rainbow Six Siege with two new operators, Wamai and Kali.

While new defensive operator Wamai and his magnetic gadget provide an interesting dynamic to tactical play, some players are concerned that the second new operator in Shifting Tides and her new weapon are far too overpowered. Kali, who is the new attacking operator, is equipped with Siege’s first proper bolt-action sniper rifle… And it’s a real heavy hitter.

The CSRX 300, which looks suspiciously like the AWP from CS:GO, is an instant kill with a headshot but also an instant down if a shot connects with an enemy torso. It can also rip through multiple breakable walls and can happily collat three or four players with one bullet. While the sniper in itself is strong, it is Kali’s gadget that is making her a super strong pick. She has an explosive underbarrel round on her rifle that can breach reinforced walls and take out enemy equipment that is on the other side of walls and barricades. She is, essentially, a wrecking ball with an immensely powerful sniper.

While the reasoning behind Kali is explained in this chat with one of the game’s designers over on PCGamesN, many pro players and members of the Siege community aren’t liking what the new operator brings to the game.

Spacestation’s Siege pro Troy ‘Canadian’ Jaroslawski said that Kali is “hands down the most ridiculous operator I have played,” mainly for the reason that her sniper rifle is far too strong.

Another pro player, Lauren ‘Goddess’ Williams of Susquehanna Soniqs, asked: “Who in their right mind thought Kali was okay? Do they NOT put ANY thought into how overpowered it will be?”

However, G2’s Niclas ‘Pengu’ Mouritzen seemed excited to see the introduction of a sniper to Siege, especially after the change to bullet penetration that also came with the Shifting Tides update.

Kali has become the game’s first proper hard-hitting sniper and can carve through maps with relative ease, but it seems some really aren’t happy with just how strong an operator she is.

However, even if Kali is a tad on the overpowered side, there could at least be some tasty Siege sniping montages in the works now.