Ubisoft nerfs Goyo in new Rainbow Six Siege update

Professional players have become quite frustrated with Goyu's influences

Rainbow Six Siege Buck Frost

The midseason update for Rainbow Six Siege is here and it brings a lot of changes to some of the game’s most popular operators. Goyo is even getting nerfed to directly impact the current “utility heavy” meta in the professional scene.

Under the new update, as our sister site PCGamesN reports, Ubisoft has reduced the amount of Volcan shields Goyo carries down to two to “alleviate some of the frustration stemming from his increased influence at a professional level.”

Jager is now a two-speed, two-armour defender too. The studio nerfed the operator after data showed he had far too big a presence as a roamer in-game. Jager was previously rated as a three speed, one armour operator, so this change should force him to anchor a bit more. Although Ubisoft says it is considering other changes to bring him more in line with other operators if this doesn’t work.

Mozzie has lost his Super Shorty in the update, meaning he won’t be able to remodel bomb sites or create escape routes while roaming like he used to. Buck’s frag grenades have also been replaced by a claymore, and his gadget has been given more ammunition.

Ying, on the other hand, has been buffed. Ubisoft admits that the operator isn’t “where we’d like her to be in terms of presence” so the company has added an extra Candela to her arsenal and replaced her claymore with smoke grenades. This will hopefully make her a more mobile operator when rushing.

You can read the full patch notes here.