Rainbow Six Siege is adding an AWP to Operation Shifting Tides

The video was leaked ahead of time.

Rainbow Six Siege Victory

Rainbow Six Siege has a pretty bad habit of having things leaked ahead of time, and you guessed it – it’s happened again. Although we’re only a couple of days away from hearing about Operation Shifting Tides, the official gadget announcement was leaked ahead of schedule.

The official Rainbow Six Siege account has now shared this video, which you can watch below, but as our sister site PCGamesN reported yesterday, the video was shared by manuxillo on Reddit.

And well, if we’re to put it bluntly, one of Siege’s new operators is going to get what looks like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s AWP. The sniper rifle, which is called the CSRX 300, can make a pretty big hole through not one, but two destructible walls in the game, but it’ll explode on impact with a reinforced wall. Although the video cuts out shortly after impact, so we’re not sure what effect it’ll have on Bandit’s electrical devices which you can see in the frame.

The other gadget is called the Magnet System, and it looks like it intercepts bullets from mid-air. We’re not sure which operator this belongs to yet, but some have speculated that the rifle will be attached to the Indian attacker, and the Magnet added to the Kenyan defender.

We won’t have long to wait to find out though. The full reveal of Operation Shifting Tides will take place this weekend at the Rainbow Six Pro League Season X finals, which take place in Japan.