Maverick gets an extra gas canister in Rainbow Six Siege’s upcoming operation

Rainbow Six Siege Maverick

The new Operation Shadow Legacy expansion for Rainbow Six Siege has brought big changes for the game, including tweaks to three of its operators. One such operator is Maverick, who now comes with six gas canisters, rather than the original five. Ubisoft has said it is targeting casual play and top ranked play with this change.

It had already been reported that Thatcher would be getting a significant nerf, but new Designer’s Notes reveal that Maverick and Iana will be getting changes too. Thatcher’s nerf sees his EMP grenades now only able to disable, rather than destroy, while Iana’s adjustments are more to bring her in line with some of the other big changes Operation Shadow Legacy has introduced.

Maverick’s buff doesn’t add to his strength as an attacker, but does make it far easier to manage his loadout and use the canisters effectively. Iana, meanwhile, is now able to ping using her Gemini Replicator (the hologram), as part of the new Ping 2.0 system.

Maverick still needs 2.3 canisters to open a hatch with the Suri Torch, something only five canisters left “little margin for error for”, according to Ubisoft. This change does not change the Suri Torch itself, but should make resource management easier, meaning it is easier for newcomers and pros alike to utilise Maverick’s abilities more consistently.

As for Iana’s new ping abilities, Ubisoft says it will “reinforce the level of synergy and cooperation that Iana brings to the attacking team,” adding “we also hope that it will rationalize and streamline her ability.”

Away from these changes, we’re also getting a weapon overhaul with new and more accessible scopes, a redesign of the Chalet map, the long awaited match replay editor, and most importantly, the arrival of Zero, AKA Splinter Cell hero Sam Fisher.