Leaks suggest Rainbow Six Siege Tachanka rework will drop next season

Tachanka Rainbow Six Siege

Rumours of a Tachanka rework have been swirling around the Rainbow Six Siege community for a little while now, but it looks like the Lord’s makeover is just around the corner if a recent leak is to be believed.

The new Tachanka will be unveiled in the Year 5, Season 1 update according to Resetera member Komora, who, as our sister site PCGamesN reports, has a history of sound Rainbow Six Siege leaks. Komora suggests we’ll see Tachanka equip his LMG as his main weapon and will have some sort of incendiary device in the new world.

The Russian defender is one of the game’s original operators but his limiting kit quickly singled him out as one of the weakest defenders. In his current state, Tachanka has one of the lowest pick and ban rates in the game, although Ubisoft is looking to counter that with a rework.

The leaker also suggests we’ll see map bans introduced in Year 5, which will allow players to pick and ban maps in competitive play for the first time, as well as replays.

Last year, Ubisoft added operator pick and bans to ranked, which helps the developer team single out certain operators who might need balancing. It does however make the ranked experience longer.

As ever, we won’t find out if Komora is right until the Siege Invitational in Montreal later this month.