WackyJacky101 terrifies a PUBG squad using a voice changer


The spooky season is nearly upon us and while we’ve been busy preparing for Halloween, one content creator has been warming up his vocal cords to scare unwitting players on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Using his voice changer, Henrik ‘WackyJacky101’ Kjærulff got some pretty scary kills that his victims won’t forget in a hurry.

The PUBG Partner, who was hunting down squads by himself on Vikendi, decided to mix things up during his stream by using his voice changer to devastating effect. After spotting a squad just north of Mount Kreznic in this particular game, WackyJacky101 taunts them with a witch-like voice.

As the first of his victims panics and asks his friends for help, WackyJacky101 can’t help but let out a laugh, and neither can we. The whole exchange is hilariously horrifying, and although it goes on for nearly ten minutes, we’re not sure that the squad knows who – or what –  they’re dealing with.

During the course of the chase, the content creator threatens to eat the corpses of the squad and drink their blood with a witch-like voice. But half way through, the streamer alters the pitch of his voice, so he sounds like the devil.

“Now boys, I’ve had enough of this, come down and meet your maker,” he says. “I am the devil and I will take you with me. Come down, it’ll only hurt for a short time, and then it’s over.”

You can watch the terrifying encounter in full below:

Despite being poorly armed, the content creator wipes the entire squad, but carries on playing as normal afterwards. With Halloween around the corner, maybe we’ll see PUBG streamers employ the same tactics on the battlefield with the game’s creepy clown costumes. Time will tell.

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