Pro player says he’s spoken to more Valorant devs than he ever has PUBG’s

PUBG's DBS gun

It’s no secret that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds‘ professional scene is riddled with communication problems. However, after making the switch to play Valorant, Jaden ‘Vegas’ James, formerly of eUnited and Ghost Gaming, says he’s had more contact with developers playing a game in closed beta than he ever had in his three year-long PUBG career.

Speaking to Derek ‘wtfmoses’ Moseley and Lauren ‘Pansy’ Scott on DoNotPeek’s Valoranting show, the former PUBG pro, who is now playing Valorant with an unsigned North American team called Highgrounds, says Valorant is “welcoming” to all players looking to make the switch because Riot is willing to fix problems as soon as they occur.

“I’ve talked to more Valorant devs in week one in Discords of the closed beta than I did in my entire two or three years in PUBG,” Vegas says on the show. “It’s very welcoming as a player considering you’re switching over games – all of your problems are being fixed very quickly and and all your questions are being answered. Every time you have a cheater in your game you can get them banned in 20 minutes.”

The constant communication, especially around anti-cheat and ban waves, is encouraging for players because they feel they can have a direct impact on the game and its upcoming competitive scene.

Although switching from one game to another is a daunting task in itself, Vegas says the Riot team has made that switch easier and now he and the rest of Highgrounds can focus on their goal of being the best and securing an organisation.