PUBG leak suggests the Riot Shield is nearly here

PUBG Corp teased the shield at E3 in 2018.

Riot shield PUBG

The Riot Shield that Brendan Greene teased to be coming to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in June 2018 is being internally tested, according to a well-known datatminer. PlayerIGN, who last week implied that a Clan System will be added to the battle royale title soon, believes he’s sourced a list of upcoming features from an ex-PUBG employee.

The list includes several new weapons, C4, claymores, a new movement system, and new maps for a team deathmatch mode. The list is extensive, but PlayerIGN believes that the reason the Riot Shield was delayed is because it’s going to be implemented with the game’s new movement system.

“I’ve had this really long leak list for about three months,” PlayerIGN says in his latest video. I’ve been keeping this a secret because we don’t know how legit this is. PUBG_throwaway is a throwaway account, and I think this person is an ex-PUBG employee. One of the main reasons why I think this was because he leaked some PUBG links which no one other than PUBG employees and a few of my datamining team should know about.”

The DBS shotgun detailed on the list has already made its way to the gun, while the Miramar rework has been confirmed. The list also references a story mode, which PlayerIGN points out could be Striking Distance, the game Glen Schofield is working on.

The dataminer has since released a video on the leak, which you can watch below, after having a conversation with the leaker, in which they provide more credible evidence.

According to the leaker, the Riot Shield will reduce your jump, run, and sprint distance, has a push distance of 70, gives 80 melee damage, and will allow the holder to equip other melee weapons, pistols, SMGs, and throwables.