Perfect PUBG pick’ems will win exclusive PGC weapon skins

You can't get the skins anywhere else.

PUBG PGC skins

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is set to unveil its PUBG Global Champion Skins and new pick’ems challenge tomorrow. The cosmetics will provide esports fans a chance to support their favourite team in-game, as well as directly contribute to the tournament’s prize pool.

The skins, which include a PGC 2019 Clothing set, Combat set, and skins for the M416 and Dacia, as well as a Victory Dance emote, have already proved controversial, after the publisher was forced to cancel dedicated team skins for the event.

Instead, 50% of revenue generated from the skins will be split evenly among the participating teams, with an additional 25% added to the tournament’s prize pool, which currently stands at $2 million.

The pick’em challenge will run from November 6-22 and will reward participating fans with exclusive rewards for nailing their predictions. To receive a coupon to enter the pick’em challenge, fans will need to either buy PGC skins, or come in the top ten of any public match on PC.

Much like League of Legend’s Worlds pick’ems event, which only has three people left, the PGC challenge will reward perfect selections with an exclusive PGC 2019 Weapon Skin set, which includes skins for the AKM, Scar-L, Mini 14, Kar98k, and the frying pan.

In addition to this, 25% of the revenue generated through the pick’ems challenge will be shared with the 32 teams to compensate them for the lack of team skins.

The Group Stage of the PUBG Global Championship kicks off in the OGN Super Arena in Manhatten Beach this weekend (November 8-10), followed by the semi-finals on November 15-17. The grand finals will be held in the Oakland Arena on November 23-24.