A new PUBG Global Championship mode will let you play like a pro

Test out your skills on the esports servers.

PUBG squad fighting

We all know that one person who thinks their antics on the battlefield makes them a professional player. Well with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds special PUBG Global Championship 2019 mode, you and your squadmates can try to play like the pros.

The new setting, which has been introduced to celebrate the PGC finals this weekend, is available now, and includes standard and universal PUBG esports ruleset. If you’re not already aware, professional PUBG is played with very different settings, so you’ll see an increase in spawn rates of things like rifles, DMRs, and more, as well as specially designed vehicles. Pesky red zones and flare guns have also been disabled for this mode.

Your performance as a pro will be used for the game’s new skill-based ratings experiment, which will use the new PUBG Labs section of the client. Skill-based rating is being tested currently as the game’s new ranked system, so make sure you hit your shots and don’t go out first.

Sixteen teams will duke it out at the finals of PGC on November 23-24 in Oakland. To find out who will be crowned as the ultimate chicken dinner winner, watch the tournament on Twitch here.