Pakistan’s PUBG ban will remain, despite player pleas

The batlle royale will continue to be blocked by the PTA

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will continue to be banned in Pakistan, says a statement from the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. The PTA has made a statement after a hearing was conducted to review the position of the game, but it has been decided that the ban on the battle royale will not be lifted.

There has been some back and forth recently about whether the game would be permanently banned from Pakistan after the Islamabad High Court ordered the PTA to unblock PUBG earlier this month. This order from the court, however, didn’t persuade the PTA to change its mind. In a statement the PTA made on Twitter, the authority says: “Islamabad (July 27, 2020) PTA has issued a detailed order regarding blocking online game PlayerUnknown’s Battle Ground [sic] (PUBG).

“The order has been issued in accordance with Islamabad High Court’s orders after a hearing conducted by PTA on July 9 and in accordance with the provisions of PECA 2016.

“PTA provided an opportunity of hearing to concerned parties including PUBG’s lawyers. As per the order of the Authority, the PUBG game shall remain blocked in Pakistan. PTA has also approached PUBG management to inform about a suitable framework to address key concerns. No response has been received from PUBG so far.”

According to Samaa there is list of reasons that PUBG has been banned from Pakistan which include the possibility of violent thoughts and behaviours, less sleep, bad mental and physical health, and bad academic scores. Reasoning also includes that children playing a game will be irritable, and playing games during family functions leads to worse communication.

PTA also states that it received observed “papers and reports on the impact of internet games, specifically PUBG, on the mental and physical health” when making the decision.

For now, many players are wondering if the game will ever be made available again in Pakistan. PUBG, in particular, is a popular title in that region of the world so many will be feeling upset that their favourite game is no longer playable – hopefully, the PTA changes their decision in the future.