PUBG teases new map, destructible environments, and C4

Leakers also predict that PUBG Season 6 will be called 'Shakedown'

As Season 5 of PUBG draws to a close today, January 14, the team behind the battle royale has teased a number of new features and content. Additionally, leakers and dataminers have uncovered more info about what is to come in the near future.

Firstly, a brand new map looks set to drop, with the official PUBG Twitter page posting two screenshots and a video which show a mountainous desert village and what appears to be a small base within a cave, along with the caption: “Swift and silent. Ever so deadly.” Fans have worked out that one of the signs in the screenshot shows the Arabic word ‘jamila’, meaning this map is likely based in the Middle East or North Africa.

There was also another teaser tweeted out by the Japanese PUBG page, which shows players battling inside a building that is presumably part of the same map teased by the official page as a sign in the top right corner also reads ‘jamila.’ What is interesting about this screenshot is that it appears to show bullet holes and structural damage on the walls of the building, hinting that destructible environments are on the way to give the game a more Battlefield or Rainbow Six Siege feel.

This would tie in with a now deleted Facebook post by PUBG, which appeared to show the introduction of C4 to the game. The post was captured by PUBG leaker PlayerIGN before it was removed.

The video below by PlayerIGN not only summarises all of these teasers by PUBG but also touches on some leaked and datamined information regarding future features. In it, he claims that Season 6 will be titled ‘Shakedown’, that the new map will be 2×2, and that it will include a new mechanic called ‘Black Zone.’ The Black Zone will destroy all buildings within it, tying in again to the apparent focus on destructible environments.

While the leaked information is not confirmed in any way, it does appear to line up with the features that PUBG has already teased.

Despite Season 5 wrapping up today, there has been no official word yet on when Season 6 and the new map and features will be released.