PUBG trials skill-based matchmaking in North America


PUBG has started a skill-based matchmaking trial for North American PC players to streamline the competitive matchmaking process but the playerbase is pretty divided about it.

The trial, which began yesterday, October 1 at 21:30 PDT (October 2 at 05:30 BST), will run until the same time on October 3 (October 4) and gather game data to monitor the playing experiences and results across all skill levels. The decision has drawn criticism from the community as the announcement post was somewhat vague and also warned PC players in the NA region that they may experience longer than usual wait times.

There were no details given in the announcement post as to how the ‘skill’ of each player would be calculated. Currently, it’s not known which stats are being used to rank players in the matchmaking system. It could prioritise the number of games won, a player’s K/D ratio or survival points, but we simply don’t know at this point.

In the announcement, PUBG Corporation says:

“Our goal is to improve the overall PUBG experience for players of all skill levels and we highly encourage and appreciate your feedback as you take part in this test. The intention of the test is to improve gameplay experience in standard matchmaking games and is unrelated to any potential competitive mode or ranked systems.”

This has also irked players hoping for a fully-fledged ranking system in PUBG, with the developers clearly ruling that out.

Reacting on Twitter, PUBG pro Tim ‘PistolaTime’ Banel was concerned at how many players would actually be aware of the trial, saying the announcement “needs to be advertised in game.”

The decision to trial skill-based matchmaking comes just days after Fortnite made changes to their system, which prioritises putting similarly skilled players in the same lobbies but lowering the priority of placing players on the same console together.

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