PUBG will phase out locked crates next month

Crates will be unlocked automatically from December 18.

PUBG's DBS gun

Locked crates that can only be opened with shop-bought keys will be removed from PUBG, according to the game’s item development team.

Currently players in the battle royale can recieve both unlocked and locked crates, with chances of specialised items such as stat-tracked guns appearing in the latter. But after careful consideration, PUBG Corp will begin to phase locked crates out of the game to satisfy the larger playerbase, who currently feel cheated out of their reward when they are dropped a locked crate.

“We’ve found that players do not get enjoyment out of opening crates as they currently exist,” Sujin Kim of the PUBG item production dev team, says in the blog post. “We want to steer clear of revenue models that fail to satisfy fans, especially if they include a low success rate.”

Locked crates – and the relevant keys – will still be available to buy on the Steam marketplace following the patch on December 18, but crates purchased with BP after that date will be automatically unlocked.

PUBG Corp has made this change following community feedback about the game’s revenue model, and has promised to improve the overall graphic quality of crate skins, as well as improve the odds for top-tier items.

To coincide with this change, the Venitian Crate, which boasts skins for the Mini 14, M416, SKS, and more, will be added to the game on Wednesday (November 18).

“We know players have been asking for changes to the crate system for quite some time and hope that these changes prove our commitment to keeping purchases in PUBG a fun and rewarding experience,” Kim continues. ” Whether you play without additional spend, purchase the seasonal Survivor Passes, pick up cool skins on the Store, or open and sell crates on the Marketplace, we want your interaction with PUBG to be worth your time and money.”