Propane tanks and mystery backpack uncovered by PUBG dataminer

Looks like there's a lot in store for PUBG fans

PUBG Karakin

The last couple of updates for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds have been pretty explosive. Jerry cans, sticky bombs, C4, and Panzerfausts have all been added to the game in recent months, but that’s clearly not the end of PUBG Corp’s fiery plans.

According to a prominent dataminer known as Sapphics on Twitter, propane gas tanks have been found in the game files. The tanks, which will explode when you shoot or damage them, are destined for the rocky outcrops of Karakin, but there might be plans to bring them to other maps in the future.

While some of the new explosives were trialled on one map initially, they have been rolled out to others as time has gone on and many errant bugs have been quashed. However, given Karakin has many soft penetrable walls, floors, and ceilings that can be blown to smithereens, the addition of a propane gas makes perfect sense.

But that’s not all Sapphics has discovered. If you’ve been following ALEX the PUBG dev on Twitter, you’ll have noticed he’s been teasing a mysterious looking backpack with an antenna sticking out of it for a while. Some thought this might be a level four backpack, giving players more room to store valuable healing items and ammo.

However, according to the item’s datamined description, the backpack “protects players from the blue zone” and the antenna is a “frequency jammer.”

Obviously leaks have to be taken with a pinch of salt, but if true these two new additions could add some interesting dynamics into the battlefield. With remastered Sanhok and its big old armoured loot truck trundling into our lives next week with Season 8, who knows when we might see these two new items.