Jump on a ferry to Erangel in PUBG’s latest update

Prepare your sealegs and climb aboard for a taste of naval warfare in PUBG's classic battle royale form.

A ferry heading towards the camera in PUBG

PUBG’s new update is an interesting one, to say the least. PUBG Corp. has added a fleet of indestructible ferries to the Erangel map – for all the boat lovers out there. There must be some of you… One…? Oh well.

The four ferries will run on a circular route to and from Sosnovka Island, passing each other on the way – so watch out for enemy fire broadsiding you at the pass. The trip will only take a “couple of minutes” and the ferry will dock for around 20 seconds at each port. Moving away from the inherent comedy value of adding ferries to a military battle royale game, from a tactical perspective the lumbering ships offer an alternate route off the island.

As it stands, the only current way to get away from the island and the similarly-named Sosnovka Military Base where you’ll likely be collecting loot is over one of the two bridges. These can prove nasty chokepoints and crossing on foot or by vehicle can leave you ripe for an ambush.

The ferries will arrive with console update 8.3 and, as PUBG’s faux-travel video shows, won’t eliminate your chances of getting into a gunfight. But adding another option to get off the island gives you a better chance of making it out alive, with a bag full of loot, and well-prepared for the final circles.

PUBG hasn’t yet revealed the exact location of the ferry terminals, but we expect them to depart from the western point of Sosnovka Island, heading to the appropriately-named but so-far-unused Ferry Pier on the Erangel mainland. It seems that this location has had a bit of a makeover to welcome the ferries to shore, but this has added loads of nooks and crannies for campers and would-be-ambushers to stow away in.

Here are the full details of the ferry system:

  • Each Ferry will depart from the docks with the first phase of the Blue Zone.
  • Once arriving at a dock, ferries will stay docked for approximately 20 seconds before taking to the sea en route to their destination
  •  Ferries will sound a horn 7 secs prior to arrival and departure. Hop aboard!
  • Ferries are not available in Ranked Mode or Esports Mode in Custom Matches.

It’s time to ready your sealegs and take to the seas for some (sort of) naval warfare.