Dr DisRespect thinks we’ll never hear from PUBG again

Dr DisRespect went on a heated rant about the state of PUBG, saying we'll never hear from it again

Dr DisRespect

Guy ‘Dr DisRespect’ Beahm is famous for streaming battle royale games. However, in a passionate rant, he explained why one of the most well-known titles – Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds – could be about to die.

In the clip of his rant, the Doc gives a list of reasons why PUBG has experienced a decline in popularity and warns that the impending release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare means we will “never hear from it again.”

“It’s too bad,” he continues, “but you [the developers] never f****** fixed your game! You never did anything with your game! You never made it feel really good and smooth, you never added any new content, you didn’t add any servers so I’m not playing on 90 ping every game!” On finishing his rant, he calms down and says: “I’m in a good mood today… and I don’t want that ruined.”

The Doc is famous for his rants about the state of some of his favourite games, but they are rarely as brutal and damning as this one.

Figures from Statista show that there may be some truth in Dr DisRespect’s rant, with the PUBG player base being almost half of what it was this time last year. It’s reported that the number of global players is now at 660,000 despite having over 3 million players at its peak of popularity in early 2018.