Players can teleport by firing PUBG’s latest weapon

PUBG's DBS gun

An unusual bug which allows players to teleport around the map by firing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ latest weapon has been discovered, after a streamer was playing around with crate-only gun in the game’s firing range.

WackyJacky, known for his informative PUBG videos on YouTube, was testing out the DBS, a double-barrel, pump-action shotgun on the training mode map, when his character clearly teleported towards his intended victim.

The bug, which has now been reported online by several players, only occurs when a player fires the DBS in quick succession, allowing them to teleport in a direction of their choice. The movement looks like it could be ping related, but after showing demonstrating the bug live on stream several times last night, WackyJacky made it clear that it was a fault with the gun, and not his internet.

But despite playing around with the gun beforehand, the teleportation caught WackyJacky off-guard. As it happens to him for the first time, the streamer slaps his desk in surprise, asking chat “was that me or him?” several times.

However, after testing it out multiple times, it became apparent that the hilarious bug is linked to the shotgun’s fire rate. After using the DBS to teleport around one player who is clearly firing at him, WackyJacky tells his stream “that is on demand teleporting. I’ve got to stop doing this, this is not a good thing to do – but it’s kind of fun though.”

The streamer posted the clip to his Twitter after deciding the bug couldn’t be abused in a normal game.

Later on his stream, he tells his chat “I don’t know guys, I’m not sure this is something you could properly abuse. It’s not really abusable. If it was something where you could teleport through a wall, I wouldn’t post it. If you hit those two shots anyway, they’re dead.”

The bug is expected to be fixed in the next PUBG update.

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