Infographic reveals the top weapons used by PUBG pros

PannedGG has gone through the stats from three PUBG leagues so you don't have to


If you’ve ever wanted to know what the meta in a game is, you should look at how the professionals play the game. Luckily for PUBG fans, one Twitter user has been analysing the weird and wonderful stats from the National PUBG League, the PUBG European League, and the PUBG Korean League for everyone to see.

PannedGG, who works with casters and analysts from the leagues themselves, regularly posts infographics on Twitter breaking down everything from shot locations to point differences. But there’s one infographic that seems to be confirming everyone’s suspicions about the M4A1-Mini meta in PUBG, and that’s the damage breakdown across the three leagues.

The detailed infographic shows the overall stats for each league, breaking down the damage done by each category of weapon, as well as the damage done by designated marksman rifles, assault rifles, throwables, sniper rifles, light machine guns, vehicles, sub machine guns, shotguns, and handguns in each of the leagues. And it makes for pretty interesting reading.

Unsurprisingly DMRs and ARs are responsible for doing the most damage in all three leagues, with the Mini-14 and M416 coming out on top in each league. Players in the Korean league prefer using the M16A4 over the QBZ95, while players in the NPL and PEL prefer it the other way around. The M24 was also responsible for causing the most damage in the NPL last season, while the Kar98 resulted in more damage in the PEL and PKL.

But it’s the SMG stats that make for interesting reading, with all three leagues opting for different weapons. In the NPL, the damage done by SMGs are fairly even, with the UMP9 topping the list. In the PEL, the most damage was done by the Vector, and in the PKL, players took more damage from the Micro Uzi. Although each of the weapons mentioned have clear advantages and disadvantages, all three feature a high fire rate.

There’s also some nuggets in there The only handgun damage in the PKL was inflicted using the P1911, and the Win94 has only ever been used there too.