PUBG Mobile ‘New Era’ update to improve graphics, user interface

After establishing itself as one of the world’s most played mobile games and most watched esports, PUBG Mobile is getting a massive overhaul in a number of key areas in an update that PUBG Corp is dubbing ‘Beyond A.C.E.’

The update, which was revealed in the New Era announcement on August 24, brings the game to version 1.0 and sees wide-sweeping improvements to graphics and user interface. A “mysterious surprise” to gameplay has also been promised for this “new era” of PUBG Mobile, but lips are currently sealed on that front.

In the graphics department, a lot of focus has been put on making character models and skins look better in pre-game lobbies and on creating more realism when actually running around the game’s maps. This includes better lighting and backdrops in lobbies, upgraded textures, more realistic muzzle flashes and smokes, and even a new, smoother animation for when you hit the ground after parachuting in.

The most notable change for players though will be with the game’s interface. While changes to iconography and the colour palette of the menus will be introduced, the major change is with the pre-game lobby interface, which divides into three separate windows that you can navigate between. This creates individual screens for ‘Social’, ‘Game’, and ‘Store.’

This is said to help players gain “quick and easy access” to those sections, rather than having them all cluttered into one menu. There is also the ability to customise each screen’s menus to put the functions you use the most in the perfect spot just for you. How considerate.

Then the announcement teases the “mysterious surprise” that will be hitting PUBG Mobile in version 1.0 before encouraging players to jump in on September 8 to find out what the surprise actually is.

As well as the changes to the game itself, the PUBG Mobile esports ecosystem is also getting a slight shake up, with a new Global Championship being announced which will have a $2 million prize pot.