PS Plus November 2022 free games, predictions, leaks for PS5 and PS4

Trying to gather all the information we know about the PS Plus November 2022 free games, including any leaks? Everything you need is here for the PS5, PS4 games

PS Plus November 2022 Free Games: Two figures can be seen

PS Plus‘ lineup each month seems to be managing to hold its own in the Essential tier since the revamp of the service. Despite Sony clearly wanting players to upgrade to the higher tiers, PS Plus Essential has still had some great games each month. And, that is unlikely to change with the PS Plus November 2022 free games.

This month’s lineup will include one PS5 game and one PS4 game, although the PS5 game may also come along with its PS4 game. And, on top of that, you will get a third bonus game that is included in the Extra and Premium libraries for free!

When will the PS Plus November 2022 free games be announced?

The PS Plus November 2022 free games for the Essential tier have been confirmed and are:

  • Nioh 2 – PS5, PS4
  • Heavenly Bodies – PS5, PS4
  • LEGO: Harry Potter Collection – PS4

All three games will then be made available on the following Tuesday, which is November 1, 2022.

PS Plus November 2022 free games predictions

Our predictions for the PS Plus November 2022 free games are:

PS Plus November 2022 Free Games: Three players can be seen preparing to breach a place

Rainbow Six Extraction – PS5, PS4

After receiving mixed reviews earlier this year, as shown on Metacritic, Rainbow Six Extraction hasn’t managed to capture people’s attention quite like Ubisoft would have hoped. With very few substantial updates and the game rarely being talked about, we feel like a resurgence could be possible if it is released onto PS Plus.

With a host of different close-encounter stealth combat scenarios for you to partake in, you will work your way across a number of maps to rid the Archaeons from places across the United States. We actually enjoyed the game more than most in our Rainbow Six Extraction review, but nonetheless, it definitely needs more people playing.

PS Plus November 2022 Free Games: Multiple characters are looking at the sky

Pyre – PS4

Pyre is one of the most critically acclaimed indie games in the last ten years, with solid reviews on Metacritic and great word-of-mouth. Part sports game, part visual novel, Pyre tasks you with teaming up as a group of exiles as you seek to make it out of the Downside.

With co-op modes locally and a branching story that has no game over and reflects your choices and party dynamics, it is a real treat. And, with two big games on this list, Pyre would add a great dose of variety to this month’s lineup.

PS Plus November 2022 Free Games: Multiple characters are seen in key art holding swords and other weapons

Trials of Mana – PS4

Finally, rounding out our predictions is Trials of Mana, which is currently available for Extra and Premium subscribers. With solid reviews on Metacritic, this 2020 remake of the classic RPG Seiken Densetsu 3 offers up a daring tale of fate as the overlapping stories of the characters interweave and the power of mana becomes the key to saving the world from destruction.

With revamped 3D graphics, new voiceover support, a remastered soundtrack, and a brand new episode to explore after the ending, this remake has a lot to offer. And, if none of the Fall games takes your fancy, this should keep you busy until something you like comes out.

So, that is the roundup of all the information you need to know about the PS Plus November 2022 free games and when you can expect them to be announced and released. While you wait for them to come out, why not take a look at some of the best PS5 games you can play right now?