PS Plus December 2022 free games for PS5 and PS4

If you want to know everything about the PS Plus December 2022 free games for PS5 and PS4, take a look through what we know as of right now

PS Plus December 2022 Free Games: Multiple players can be seen

The PS Plus December 2022 free games are set to cap off a year of solid games for the service. From big titles to little-known indie games there have been some real gems this year. Although, the lineups haven’t quite hit the highs of 2021.

So what goodies are we getting for the most festive month of the year? Below you can find a roundup of all the information announced so far, including when you can expect to play the games available in the Essential tier.

PS Plus December 2022 free games

The PS Plus December 2022 free games have now been confirmed by Sony, once again proving leaks to be correct. The three PS Plus December 2022 free games are:

  • Divine Knockout – PS5/PS4
  • Biomutant – PS5/PS4
  • Mass Effect Legendary Edition – PS4

The games will be redeemable between December 6, 2022, and January 2, 2023. All three titles are available for PS Plus Essential, Extra, and Premium subscribers.

PS Plus December 2022 free games predictions

We went 0-3 on our PS Plus December 2022 free games predictions this month, but here are the games we thought would hit the service:

PS Plus December 2022 Free Games: Francis can be seen playing the guitar

The Artful Escape – PS5, PS4

Kicking things off we have The Artful Escape, which was released on PlaySattion earlier this year. The psychedelic, cosmic, adventure sees you play as Francis Vendetti who goes on an intergalactic soul-searching journey as he is torn between his quiet folk heritage and love of rock music.

With some excellent visuals, a bite-size length, and some beautiful setpieces, The Artful Escape would be a lovely, chill way to spend an afternoon over the Christmas or New Year break.

PS Plus December 2022 Free Games: Four players can be seen shooting zombies

Back For Blood – PS5, PS4

Next up we are predicting Back 4 Blood. This co-op horde shooter has had a solid run over the last year with some DLC updates and content packs. But, it hasn’t quite exploded in the way Left 4 Dead did.

So, with a PS Plus launch, we could see the game pick back up in terms of players and interest. And, if Turtle Rock are planning more content down the road, then this would be a good way to get people in the door.

PS Plus December 2022 Free Games: The player character can be seen overlooking the castle

Dead Cells – PS4

Finally, our last pick is Dead Cells, which is another indie darling. This 2D action, roguelike asks you to make your way through a sprawling, ever-changing castle in 2D souls-lite combat. As you explore, you will unlock new powers and obtain a host of buffs, enhancements, and tools to use as your murder your way through the majestic corridors and grimy underground layers of the building.

On top of all the content from the launch, the game has also received tons of free updates since then adding new modes, new biomes and areas, enemies, weapons, and more. So, there should be something here for you!

And there you have it. Those are the PS Plus December 2022 free games. Which ones will you be playing? For more on PS Plus and the top PS5 titles, check out our list of the best PS5 games available right now.