PS Plus May 2022 free games, predictions, rumours, and more

Looking for the PS Plus May 2022 free games as well as any rumours or leaks that have emerged. Look no further as this guide will keep you up to date

PS Plus May 2022: Mbappe can be seen in key art for FIFA 22

With a new tier system on the way, May is going to be the final month PlayStation’s PS Plus system stays in its current form. The monthly games are going to be cut down to two and the service is going to be merged with PS Now thanks to the PS Plus relaunch. But, it looks like the current PS Plus system is going out with a bang – if the PS Plus May 2022 leaks are true, anyway.

The last few months have offered a mixture of games from across multiple genres and it looks like that is set to continue with the new PS Plus May 2022 games. Of course, we don’t know for sure which games are coming yet, but leaks are out there and an announcement is just days away.

So, with that in mind, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about next month’s PS Plus games, when any leaks will be confirmed, and when they’ll be available to download.

PS Plus May 2022 Free Games

The PS Plus games for May 2022 have been announced and are:

  • FIFA 22 (PS4/PS5)
  • Tribes of Midgard (PS4/PS5)
  • Curse of the Dead Gods (PS4)

These games will then go live on May 3, 2022. They will be available until June 6, 2022.

PS Plus May 2022 Predictions

Ahead of the May 2022 PS Plus game announcements, we have predicted what we could see this month:

  • Subnautica Below Zero – PS5, PS4
  • Othercide – PS4
  • Trials Rising – PS4

PS Plus May 2022: The player character can be seen diving throught the ocean with wildlife all around them.

Subnautica Below Zero – PS5, PS4

Subnautica Below Zero is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Subnautica, expanding the undersea ecosystem to an above-ground frozen arctic.

With expanded survival systems, deeper systems, more threats to face, and more to craft, Subnautica Below Zero is a bigger sequel in almost every way.

PS Plus May 2022: The sisters and some of their enemies can be seen in key art for Othercide

Othercide – PS4

When we say Othercide is one of the most unique tactical games we have seen we aren’t kidding. With its gorgeous monochrome aesthetic accented by sharp red clothing and blood effects, Othercide uses a unique timeline feature to change how battles play out.

With each daughter you take into a fight you put their lives at risk and failure will mean they are lost forever. High stakes, tough boss battles, and visceral combat and animations are at the heart of Othercide’s ambitions.

PS Plus May 2022: Multiple riders can be seen performing tricks on their bikes

Trials Rising – PS4

To cap off the month, racing fans will surely benefit from a dive into Trials Rising. The franchise is no stranger to PS Plus, but Rising helped rejuvenate the franchise.

With honed gameplay, a wealth of cosmetics, and the same hilarious crashes as you have come to know, Rising is Trials at its best.

That covers everything we know about the PS Plus May 2022 free games and rumours. For more games, you can play on your shiny white PS5, check out some of the best PS5 games available on Sony’s latest console.