PS Plus March 2022 free games, predictions, and leaks

Looking for the latest PS Plus March 2022 leaks and details? Here is everything we know about this month's selection of free games

PS Plus March 2022 free games: A player can be seen riding a dinosaur

The PlayStation Plus March 2022 free games have been revealed and include five new games for subscribers to add to their library for free. There are three PS5 games on offer and an additional two PS4 games for players to play throughout the month and into the future.

Sony has done a great job of making PS Plus seem like an even better deal than it already is as each new month goes by. Big new releases for PS5 consistently come to the service and the PS4 games we have been getting have really stood out from what we saw in 2020 and previously. It’s clear that Sony is trying to combat Microsoft’s ongoing Game Pass updates.

What could the PS Plus March 2022 free games be? We have taken a look at the upcoming release schedule and previous PS4 and PS5 games and given our predictions for what could show up on the service.

PS Plus March 2022 free games

The PlayStation Plus March 2022 free games have been revealed and are as follows:

  • Ghostrunner – PS5
  • Ghost of Tsushima Legends – PS5, PS4
  • Team Sonic Racing – PS4
  • Ark Survival Evolved – PS4
  • GTA Online – PS5, PS4 (from March 15, 2022)

All of the games will then be available on March 1, 2022.

However, as an added bonus, PlayStation players will get access to GTA Online on PS5 and PS4, from March 15, 2022, to June 15, 2022.

PS Plus March 2022 Predictions

Ahead of the March 2022 PS Plus game announcement, we gave our predictions as to what we could see as a part of the service.

PS Plus March 2022 free games: The main character can be seen shooting a rocket launcher at an enemy.

Elex 2

Returning to the world of Magalan, ELEX 2 features large environments to explore with freedom thanks to a jetpack and numerous abilities and combat options.

Threats scatter Magalan and a wealth of factions, quests, and unique NPCs to talk to will no doubt give PS Plus subscribers a mighty RPG to sink their teeth into in early March.

PS Plus March 2022 free games: A truck can be seen pulling a trailer through a snowy hill.


A bit of a cult hit, SnowRunner has been hugely successful thanks to its unique blend of challenging gameplay and tranquil moments. Tasked with hauling trailers, equipment, and more across large open maps, you will fight off snow, mud, wet soil, and precarious routes in order to complete a bevy of missions.

In addition to the base game content, there is a host of DLC you can purchase and dozens of vehicles that can be customised and upgraded.

PS Plus March 2022 free games: The main character can be seen standing next to a spirit


Set in a world surrounded by death, spirits, and reincarnation, this action JRPG from Square Enix flew under the radar when it released in 2019, however, it has a great setting to sink into and a strategic Daemon battle system.

With a fascinating premise and an attractive art style, Oninaki would round out a month filled with vastly different RPGs for players to explore.

That covers everything we know about the PS Plus March 2022 games. If you want to play even more games on the PS5, check out our list of the best PS5 games available.