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PowerWash Simulator Final Fantasy DLC might actually be canon to FF7

The PowerWash Simulator Final Fantasy DLC crossover might actually exist within the Final Fantasy 7 remake canon. Start cleaning the Hardy Daytona, folks.

Hardy Daytona motorcycle in PowerWash Simulator Final Fantasy crossover DLC

On a rainy day or a quiet evening, winding down the tranquil fun of PowerWash Simulator can be a lovely treat. The recent PowerWash Simulator Final Fantasy DLC brings a whole new world to the relaxation of cleaning objects, and it might just contain a significant change to the Final Fantasy lore. A new theory claims that the DLC is canon to the FF7 remake. No wonder the Mako Energy Exhibit is spotless.

Dissecting the arrival of the latest PowerWash Simulator DLC, VTuber ‘TannerOfTheNorth‘ explains on social media that “the Final Fantasy 7 Remake DLC for Power Wash Simulator is not only amazing, but it has story and dialogue from Reeve, Heidegger and Tifa and it’s written by [Tetsuya] Nomura and exists in a set point in [the] FF7 remake.”

Expanding on their claim, the VTuber details that they “double-checked interviews. All the dialogue was checked over by the original FF7 remake story team, and out of every collab for the game, this is the one [that Tetsuya] Nomura was most excited for.”

Supposedly Nomura “wanted to let the player wash the entire Shinra building”, but this was cut from the free update. Some fans in the Final Fantasy community are still unsure about the VTuber’s claims, but TannerOfTheNorth points toward an interview with developer Futurlab to provide additional context.

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In an interview with Touch Arcade, lead developer Dan Chequer confirms that “everything from the original job concepts to the models and the story was run past and approved by the [Square Enix] team in Japan. It was always very reassuring to get their critiques and approval of what we were making.” Conversely, Chequer reflects on the game’s progression and how they weaved the DLC into the Final Fantasy universe.

“The first time I saw the Scorpion Sentinel in PowerWash Simulator was a big moment that really embodied how far the game had come […]  tying the story and cleaning jobs into the original timeline was also a great challenge. We hope players feel we did the crossover justice,” adds Chequer.

There are logistical questions to be answered too, though, as players wonder how the PowerWash Services company survives in the Final Fantasy universe. Final Fantasy fan ‘Justin The Puffball‘ asks “how do the ‘power washing sim’ people fit into all of this? Are they dimension-hopping beings, do they just happen to have this special suit for power washing, and [arent] these the same guys as the ones in power washing sim?”

There’s much to ponder when it comes to PowerWash Simulator appearing in other game universes, but who knows, maybe we’ll have more surprises when the Final Fantasy 16 release date arrives. The employees of PowerWash Services might just end up as new additions to the Final Fantasy 16 characters roster.