Bundesliga star Christoph Kramer shows off his Pokémon TCG collection

All footballers (and Pokémon trainers) want to be the very best, like no-one ever was, but Borussia Monchengladbach midfielder Christoph Kramer is taking it to the next level. The Bundesliga side tweeted pictures of their defensive midfielder with his Pokémon card collection yesterday, to the envy of every 90s kid online.

Kramer’s collection is of every Generation 1 card – all 151. We’re pretty confident the collection is of the cards from the original Base, Jungle, and Fossil sets, but it’s a little hard to identify every card from the pictures provided. We can also definitely see the rare Black Star Promo Mew card right at the end, too.

We’ve also spotted a couple of coveted first edition cards in the pictures – the Dodrio closest to the camera in the first image looks like it has that infamous stamp. Either way, his collection is enviable, and undoubtedly worth a fair few quid.

Kramer has got a great collection of cards, and we can only assume he is the envy of everyone else in the Borussia-Park dressing room. Perhaps that’s how he got his collection in the first place – by trading with Marcus Thuram and Alessane Pléa?

The likelihood is that he collected the cards like most people do these days – by buying them online. He may have got in touch with ‘IslandGrown’, or another collector-turned-supplier who garnishes the biggest streamers with their first edition box sets.

We’re very impressed with his collection, but if you want a word of advice from us at The Loadout, Christoph: invest in some high-quality sleeves to keep those edges crisp and perfect. Those penny sleeves just don’t cut the mustard these days.

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