PlayStation Stars loyalty program – how it works

PlayStation Star is an all-new free to join loyalty program that rewards players for completing a variety of campaigns, challenges, and activities

PlayStation Stars loyalty program: A PS5 and controller on a background of stars

PlayStation users have long sought after trophies as a way of noting their achievements in game, but a new free loyalty program launched by Sony might just change that. But what exactly is PlayStation Stars?

Announced on the PlayStation Blog in July 2022, PlayStation Stars is a new scheme that’ll reward users for completing simple tasks in-game. The scheme, which launches later this year, will be free to join and open to absolutely anyone. It’ll allow members to collect points over time, which they can then convert into PlayStation Store rewards or “digital collectibles” which Sony says are not linked to blockchain or non fungible tokens (NFTs). Instead, they’ll just be digital representations of figurines from the best PS5 games.

It all sounds intriguing, but at the moment Sony has left us with more questions than answers about its first ever reward system. So if you’re sat here wondering when will the the PlayStation Stars system launch, how will it work, and what rewards can you earn, then let us endeavour to answer those questions.

PlayStation Stars release date

At the moment, we don’t know the exact PlayStation Stars release date. Sony says the scheme will launch later this year, but when that is exactly is anyone’s guess.

What is PlayStation Stars loyalty program?

PlayStation Stars is a free loyalty program that will reward users for playing games. It’ll work similar to the Microsoft reward program or the Nintendo Points system, whereby players will get points for completing certain tasks. These tasks range in difficulty and can be as simple as logging in each month, winning a tournament, or unlocking certain trophies.

However, players will be rewarded for doing the impossible too. Rewards will be granted to players who platinum the game first in their given region – adding yet another incentive for the trophy hunters among us.

PS Plus members will also earn points for purchases via the Store.

These challenges all rack up points which can then be turned into things like PSN Wallet Funds or Store products. Some challenges will also unlock digital collectibles, which Sony says will be “digital representations of things that PlayStation fans enjoy.” What these are exactly remain to be seen.

Will PlayStation Stars have NFTs?

Contrary to popular belief, the digital collectibles Sony talks about are not NFTs. While they might be ultra rare and difficult to obtain, vice president of network advertising Grace Chen tells The Washington Post that “you cannot trade or sell them” and they are not “leveraging any blockchain technologies.”

So there you have it, everything we know so far about the PlayStation Stars loyalty program. As soon as we know more details we’ll share them right here, but for now  check out our list of the upcoming PS5 games so you can plan what to spend your points on.