Fuze teams up with Overwolf for #ClipClash competition

Clip it, ship it, win some sweet loot

As you’ll know from pretty much any esports roster announcement, an epic clip montage can go a long way. What better format to condense your skills as a gamer than a snappy, heavily edited collection of your best flicks, aces, and clutches?

Well, clip creation platform Fuze is all about giving you the tools to make your own unique clips, and in a new partnership with app platform Overwolf, you’ve got a chance to win some decent loot if you can make a particularly epic one. Fuze and Overwolf’s Clip Clash competition wants gamers to take their best clips from their favourite games, edit them with all the bells and whistles Fuze has to offer, and upload them to Fuze.tv. There, they can be put on display for all to see, and the three with the most likes will earn their creators some prizes.

The most-liked Fuze clip creator will receive an Alienware gaming rig worth a cool $2,000, second will nab themselves some Logitech G peripherals, and third will win an Oculus Quest 2 set.

There’s also a bunch of creators uploading clips too, such as Minecraft streamer ‘xNestorio’ and former Rainbow Six Siege and Apex Legends pro, ‘Noted’.

The Clips Clash competition starts today, February 18, and wraps up on March 11.