Seagull calls a Twitch viewer “f****** crazy” for objecting to his charity stream

Overwatch Baptiste

A former professional Overwatch player has called out a Twitch viewer for unfollowing him for not boycotting Blizzard games during a charity stream. Brandon ‘Seagull’ Larned, who played for Dallas Fuel in the Inaugural Season of the Overwatch League banned a Twitch user and called them “f****** crazy” after he received complaints that he should be boycotting Blizzard’s games in the wake of the Blitzchung incident.

The 27-year-old was streaming as part of the annual Tip of the Hats event, which was raising money for Camp One Step, a charity that helps empower children with cancer in the United States. But despite supporting the charity stream by playing both Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch, Seagull still caught unwanted attention from some viewers.

“I’m sorry you’re just kinda f****** crazy,” he tells the user on his October 13 stream. “I just feel so disgusted. I don’t want that in my stream – I’m going to ban you.

“This is about charity, like ugh. No offence to the people who spam by the way, I think it’s funny – I like the banter. But if you come in and say ‘how dare you support Blizzard by running a charity stream for kids with cancer’, it’s so weird to me. This has nothing to do with Blizzard, we’re just playing a game.”

The challenges came from supporters of the #BoycottBlizzard campaign, which was set up after Blizzard banned Hearthstone player Chung ‘Blitzchung’ Ng Wai for calling for the liberation of Hong Kong during a post-match interview. Although Blizzard has since reduced Blitzchung’s ban and returned his prize money, many players have cancelled pre-orders and their World of Warcraft subscriptions, and uninstalled games.

Seagull’s encounter, which has been widely debated on Reddit, hasn’t appeared to have affected the three-day charity broadcast though. So far the group has raised more than $185,000, with more expected to come in before the deadline on October 20.

You can donate here.

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