Poko doesn’t need your money, so he wants you to give it to a foodbank

Gaël ‘Poko’ Gouzerch, Philidelphia Fusion’s off-tank has done something quite unexpected with his Twitch donate link. The Overwatch League player has changed the button from a way to support him monetarily to instead supporting the Philidephia foodbank Philabundance.

Poko plays Overwatch professionally but also has a successful Twitch channel he spends time playing the famous hero shooter on. Under the ‘Donate’ link the 23-year old generously states, “I don’t need your money, but others do, please donate to foodbanks if you can.” Instead of a link to donate to Poko, the link now goes to Philabundance, a charity that is working with the city of Philadelphia to help supply emergency food to people in need.

As Poko plays for Philidephia Fusion, his support of this charity, in particular, makes perfect sense, but donating to any foodbank at this difficult time would be a great cause.

Donations to Philabundance help the charity buy food in bulk which stretches donations even further when helping the community. If you want to donate to them as Poko recommends, live in Philly and need their support, or simply want to know more, you can find its website here.

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