Echo will be Overwatch’s next hero

Twitch streamer TimTheTatman is revealing more details later today

Overwatch: Echo

Echo has been revealed as the latest hero to be added to Overwatch after its origin story was released on March 18.

However, this isn’t the first time Overwatch fans have seen Echo, with the character having made two previous cameos before. It featured in a 2018 animated short with McCree called ‘Reunion’ and also crept into the back of shot in the final scene of the Overwatch 2 announcement cinematic ‘Zero Hour’ in 2019. According to Echo’s origin story, it is the robotic creation of one of the founding members of Overwatch, Dr Mina Liao, who appears from the video to now be dead with Echo vowing to fulfill “her promise” and “her legacy.” It seems as if Echo was built to protect the world out of Liao’s guilt after she helped build the omnics that started a global war.

While nothing is currently known about the champions in-game abilities or what role it will play in Overwatch, the robot’s “rapidly adapting artificial intelligence” could hint at a very unpredictable champion that could change certain aspects of itself in certain situations.

More details are expected to be revealed today, March 19, with Blizzard vice president Jeff Kaplan and popular Twitch streamer Tim ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar giving fans a closer look at Echo on his channel. The stream is expected to kick off at 10:00 PT (13:00 ET/ 17:00 GMT).

Echo will become the 32nd hero to be added to Overwatch.