Overwatch League needs to resurrect itself like Jesus, says MonteCristo

Overwatch League has its ups and it has its downs but Christoper ‘MonteCristo’ Mykles has expressed that he thinks the league is in fact saveable. In a conversation on the Cloud9 Twitch channel with Harsha ‘Harsha’ Bandi (Houston Outlaws coach), Michael ‘Packing_10’ Szklanny Sr. (Los Angeles Valiant coach), Connor ‘Avast’ Prince (Overwatch caster) the discussion reached a point where MonteCristo expressed the league is in fact saveable.

The conversation the professionals were having broke down some of the recent developments in the Overwatch League including the evolving hero pool, team styles, and difficulty of coaching teams with a constantly changing meta. The league’s position is one of constant discussion in the esports world as it has had a lot of investors and money pumped into its development, with debatable success.

As such, there are those that like to argue the league is destined to fail for a variety of reasons from gameplay to the new homestand framework. However, MonteCristo believes that OWL isn’t going anywhere.

“I think OWL is going to continue. I think you can save OWL, like I think it is redeemable right? I think you’ve got to go Jesus and resurrect yourself after three days like we’re rolling the stone shut on the tomb. But luckily there are things that can be done and are being done right now. I think the tournament system is an example of that and I think the interactions of hero pools are an example of that. And people will often mistake my criticism for me saying I want it to die. I really don’t guys, I really actually like it.” He then goes on to say that he wouldn’t have spent all this time trying to make it cool if he did want it to die.

The other Overwatch professionals laugh about how many people may dislike the statement that Overwatch League isn’t going anywhere, but all fans can do is wait and see, and perhaps even watch a match or two.

You can watch the whole Essential Esports conversation here for more talk about Overwatch League’s present state and its potential future.

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