xQc finds a sneaky map exploit in Overwatch 2 beta

While playing with Mercy on new map Colosseo in the Overwatch 2 beta, streamer xQc found a big-brain escape route while playing live on Twitch

xQc Overwatch 2: A split image of streamer xQc in a white t shirt and Overwatch 2 hero Sojourn

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel may be conquering the livestreaming world right now, but let’s not forget about the Canadian’s past as one of the world’s best Overwatch players. Naturally, the former pro was quick to dive into the Overwatch 2 beta last night, and after only a few hours, he was already finding some sneaky exploits.

While playing the new Push game mode on the new Overwatch 2 map Colosseo, xQc finds himself in a bit of a tricky situation. Playing as support hero Mercy, xQc has the odds stacked against him as the last player up in a teamfight. Lacking firepower, he decides to turn and run instead, but the only place left to go is straight off the map.

However, using Mercy’s floating movement mechanic, he finds a handy ledge that he can use to keep himself from falling to his demise. This allows him to rotate back towards a safer area of the map, all while out of sight from the enemy team that was about to gun him down.

Even with this being a brand new map, and xQc admitting that he’s no expert on Mercy, the former Dallas Fuel player has still managed to (literally) break boundaries and find a sneaky new spot.

“What the fuck”, xQc says with a stunned expression. “I just slid across the whole map and saved myself from dying.”

With Colosseo being joined by three other brand new maps in Overwatch 2 – Circuit Royal, Midtown, and New Queen Street – who knows what other exploits, jump spots, and unexpected routes will be discovered.